Use your data to boost your efficiency

Companies keep on accumulating large amounts of business and process data. This data provides a unique and valuable view with a massive potential to boost efficiency and improve the quality of decisions. In many cases, only fragments of that potential are realized because, understanding that data was elaborate, expensive and challenging.

aivis closes that gap and helps you to unlock that potential. The industry-oriented AI technology combines outstanding quality and reliability with great usability and actionable results. It enables domain experts, data analysts, and data scientists to uncover even most hidden patterns and make great data-driven decisions.

Next Generation AI – Automated & Explainable

aivis is based on the revolutionary new mathematical concept of Geometrical Kernel Machines. Working on unprocessed & unsynchronized raw data, it completes every step from data cleaning to model building fully automated.

Compared to others, aivis is faster, provides better results and requires less training data. It easily handles thousands of parameters and offers full transparancy.

Why aivis?

Whether you quickly need first valuable results or a full-blown solution with predictive models to monitor your entire production, aivis is the right choice. Quickly and pragmatically, aivis picks you up where you are and guides you step by step to the desired result.

Simple to use
Fully automated
Minimal data preparation necessary
Actionable and explainable results
Requires no data science expertise
Great speed and quality

Stop losing money

Your data is one of your greatest treasures. Its value is maximal right after recording when acting on that data impacts your processes efficiency the most. However, if your data lies around unused, it is like tied-up capital with rapid loss of value.

Get started and unleash the full power of a data-driven view! Because every day you hesitate, your company loses money.

How can aivis help you?

See the world from the perspective of your data! aivis products help you to understand your data’s language. Unleash the full power of a purely data-driven view and boost your efficiency!

WHY does this happen?

Find relationships, root causes, dependencies, reactions and influencing factors to clarify why something is happening.

Get the answer as clear and actionable insight reports that improve your understanding and often enable immediate efficiency improvements.

WHAT is happening?

Create lightweight software modules that measure and predict quantities that are difficult or impossible to measure with physical sensors. Use them to replace sporadic lab measurements, or predict and classify KPIs.

Let aivis create a virtual sensor, estimator or classifier that can easily be deployed within your live data streams.

PREVENT bad behaviour

Unveil the reasons for bad behavior and create light-weight software modules that watch your process and protect you against any kind of disruption.

Let aivis create a live guard that detects and predicts bad behavior and suggests in time suitable countermeasures.

Latest news

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Munich (Germany), 18 March 2021 – PerfectPattern, specialist for AI applications especially in the manufacturing industry, introduces the AI technology and AutoML solution aivis. The industry-focused AI uses revolutionary mathematical ideas and concepts for automated data analysis and model creation.
Munich (Germany), 6 October 2020 – Until now, building software sensors was slow, expensive and required a lot of data science expertise. PerfectPattern Industrial AI, a developer of innovative artificial intelligence solutions primarily for the manufacturing industry, has now substantially simplified the process. The solution called AI Sensors is based on PerfectPattern´s AI technology platform PYHTIA.

aivis Partners

aivis is supported by strong and passionate partners who bring aivis into various industrial applications and enable good and data-driven decisions.

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