See the world from the perspective of your data! aivis products help you to understand your data’s language. Unleash the full power of a purely data-driven view and boost your efficiency!

WHY does this happen?

Find relationships, dependencies, root causes, reactions and influencing factors to clarify why something is happening. Let aivis create clear and actionable insight reports that often enable immediate efficiency improvements.

Find signal dependencies

Find out how well one or more signals can be predicted from the other signals within your data.

Find influencing factors

Find out how well one or more properties can be predicted from the other properties within your data.

Find root causes for events

Find and understand the root causes for a specific event.

Distinguish by KPI

Identify properties, which distinguish pieces with a usual KPI value from unusual (bad or good) ones. 

WHAT is happening?

Create lightweight software modules for live measuring what is happening. Let them calculate quantities that are difficult or impossible to measure, use them to replace sporadic lab measurements, or predict and classify KPIs. Let aivis create a virtual sensor, estimator or classifier that can easily be deployed within your live data streams.

Build Virtual Sensors

replace expensive or error-prone real sensors, minimize the need for lab measurements, or directly measure impossible or abstract parameters like quality or durability. 

Build estimators

Estimate KPIs like the quality of a workpiece, physical properties like oil viscosity or concrete strength, setup costs and much more.

Build classifiers

Figure out, if a certain quantity is still within its target range or is about to leave it. 

PREVENT bad behavior

Find and classify the reasons and influencing factors for bad behavior and protect yourself from process disruptions and equipment breaks. Let aivis create a lightweight software module that detects and predicts bad behavior and suggests in time suitable countermeasures.

Preventing seen errors

Create a live guard to detect and prevent seen process disruptions with suitable countermeasures.

Preventing unseen errors

Create a live guard that learns usual behavior and informs instantly about any deviations.

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