Preventing bad behaviour

Protect yourself from process disruptions and equipment breaks by continuously watching your process data and detecting dangerous situations in time.

Boost your efficiency with less interruptions

Let aivis Prevent create a live guard (independent software module) that is detecting and preventing unwanted behavior such as material or machine-related process disruptions, interruptions, and break downs.

The live guard monitors your process live data to detect problematic situations in time and recommend countermeasures if necessary. Costly disruptions, breakdowns, and malfunctions can thus be minimized or prevented at all.


VIRTUAL SENSING – quality Assurance – error detection – root cause indicators – WASTE reduction

Process disruptions and breakdown can be very costly and lower throughput or outcome significantly. Avoiding those disruptions can be challenging, especially if the process is a complex one with thousands of sensors. Where human comprehension reaches its limits, aivis Prevent takes over and creates live guards that prevent disruptions and raise your efficiency.

Preventing seen errors

Datatype: Time-series

Available: Project

The prevention based on seen errors starts with aivis Prevent analyzing your historical data. It unsupervised identifies all different situations that led to the specified error, including their respective influencing factors and root causes. For each of these situations, you can thus define suitable countermeasures.

Next, aivis Prevent creates a light-weight live guard that you can implement into your live data stream. The guard detects dangerous situations and recommends the appropriate countermeasures in time.

If you want to evaluate, if your historical data contains enough information to prevent a specific type of error, you can use aivis Insights application ‘Find root causes for events‘.

Preventing unseen errors

Datatype: Tabular

Available: Project

At the prevention based on unseen errors, aivis Prevent uses your historical data to learn the system’s expected behavior. It then creates a light-weight live guard that you can implement into your live data stream. The guard detects whether your system or process is still running within its expected behavior or not.



These examples show only a small fraction of applications for aivis Prevent. Since it is industry-agnostic, aivis Prevent can be applied to countless other applications as well.

Paper making – Preventing paper breaks

Application: Preventing seen errors

Process interruptions in the continuous process of industrial paper manufacturing are called ‘sheet breaks’. These breaks can occur at any time without any warning. The sheet or paper web breaks inside the machine. Subsequently, there are various cleaning and retreading steps to take before production continue. Sheet breaks have a significant negative impact on a paper machine’s productivity.

aivis Prevent created a live guard that monitors the current process and warns the operator if a dangerous process state occurs and suggests suitable countermeasures. This decreased the number of sheet breaks dramatically which boosted productivity.

Steel rolling – Preventing strip breaks

Application: Preventing seen errors

The breakage of strip steel during rolling is a disruptive event that can be very costly. Besides losing some of the product, it is dangerous to people and can damage the equipment. Thus, avoiding strip breaks is of vital importance.

aivis Prevent creates a live guard that monitors the current process and warns the operator if a dangerous process state occurs and suggests suitable countermeasures. This decreases the number of breaks dramatically which boosts productivity and raises safety.

Wind farms – Predictive maintenance

Application: Preventing unseen errors

The maintenance of wind turbines is a great challenge. Often the turbines are located in remote places that are difficult to access. This brings two significant disadvantages: If maintenance is performed like replacing a part, it is costly and should never be done without necessity. However, if a wind turbine fails, this often causes downtimes of a week or longer before the repair can be done. Therefore, it is crucial for the profitability of wind parks to know as well as possible when which turbine needs which kind of maintenance.

aivis Prevent can build live guards for all critical components warning instantly if one of them is behaving out of order. This significantly increases the transparency of the turbine state.

Turbines – Preventing vibration crisis

Application: Preventing unseen errors

If the vibrations of a turbine axis exceed a certain maximum level, a vibration crisis occurs. If uncontained, such an event could lead to a major breakdown.

aivis Prevent can build a live guard for the turbine that immediately and deviation from the expected behavior.

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